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May 2021

I hope this finds everyone doing well. The lodge held a “social gathering” on May 11th.

The dinner was held and was very good and no complaints on the weather. It was really nice.

We are getting closer to having a General Meeting, but I just do not know when it will be. It is impossible to have a virtual meeting via zoom. We will continue the “social gatherings” until further notice.

I want to extend a special thanks to Brother Gage for showing up and helping me cook, or I help him cook. Either way, Thanks much

Our next “social gathering” will be June 8th.

Be safe, keep everyone in your prayers and be safe.


John Couey

May 2021 “Social Gathering”

Although the Govenor has lifted various restrictions, there is still some confusion within the State of Florida as what to do.

We will continue our “Social Gathering” for the May 2021 gathering and I will make a determination as to June 2021 within the next month. I am not personally excited about just “going back to normal” based on the information I have.

I assure you that I will continue to monitor the situation and we will act accordingly.


John Couey