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January 2023

President Couey called the meeting to order at 1900 hours.
After prayer and pledge of allegiance by Brother Paige, the lodge was open for transaction of business.
Roll call of Officer’s : 2VP Clamon and Trustee II Bennett were absent and excused.
The Secretary report was waived due to no meeting being held in 2022.
The Treasurer report was read and accepted by motion.
The Chaplain’s report was given. We recently lost Brother Gabrena, Connors, Sutton, Richert Sr, Hill, McDermott and Redwine. We also lost Sister Young. Please keep everyone and their families in your thoughts and prayers.
The birthday draw was held with no winner.
50/50 was held with $52.00 to the winner.
Brother’s Willamson, Gage and Bryan did a great job on the steaks.
President Couey closed the meeting at 1925 hours.
Hope to see you at the February 14th meeting.


John Couey

December 2022

I hope your travels were enjoyable. Happy Holidays

I hope this finds everyone doing well. The lodge held a “social gathering” on December 13th. We will resume to regular meeting status in January 2023.
The lodge served our Holiday meal, prime rib, ham and all the good stuff.
50/50 was held with $43.00 to the winner.
The point of contact within the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is Buddy Rudolph and can be reached at
I can always be contacted at
Please keep all of our Brothers and Sisters in your prayers.
Tampa Lodge #27 and Lodge #108 held the annual Christmas dinner for the inner city children. Many thanks to Tampa #27, Rough Riders and Onit.
Our next meeting will be January 10th. Dinner will be served at 1800, but the lodge is open at 1530. We will be serving steak and all of the good stuff.
Hope to see you then.

Remember, once you retire from H.C.S.O with 25 years, you go to the discounted rate.

Hope to see you at the January meeting.