President Couey called the meeting to order at 1905 hours
After prayer and pledge of allegiance from Brother Smith, the lodge was open for transaction of regular business.
Roll call of Officers: Vice President Tosdevine, Secretary Tiller, Outer Guard Gage and Trustee III Young were absent and excused.
The Secretary report was waived from last meeting by motion and was on line.
The Treasurer report was read and accepted by motion.
The chaplain’s report was given. Please keep all of our Brothers and Sisters in your thoughts and prayers.
Birthday draw was held with no winners.
50/50 drawing was held with $40.00 being paid.
The dinner was excellent. Thanks to everyone involved. We are entertaining the thought of when you sign in at the meeting, you let us know “How you want your steak cooked”. We are not chef’s but will try our best to come close and not run out of various cooked steaks. Please keep in mind, everyone that is out here on the meeting night are volunteering their time, nobody is getting paid. We can always raise the dues and hire a professional chef to prepare the steaks on meeting night, but I think that would be silly.
Recently, you may have received a letter from an insurance company offering additional insurance for free and endorsed by the F.O.P District 3 Director. The fine print states something to the effect that by sending in the return card, you are requesting an employee of the insurance company meet with you so you can sign your “beneficiary card”. If you are contacted, you are not required to meet with the employee to sign anything, unless you want additional insurance and wish to meet with them. I have contacted the District 3 Director reference this matter.
We have made some improvements to the grounds and driveway. Makes it a lot easier to park in the back now.
President Couey closed the meeting at 1935 hours.

John Couey

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