Vice President Tosdevine called the meeting to order at 1910 hours

After prayer and pledge of allegiance from Chaplain Smith, the lodge was open for transaction of regular

business.( No quorum )

Roll call of Officers: Inner Guard Tagliarini was absent and unexcused.  President Couey, Secretary Tiller,

Conductor Francesce, Trustee Young and Trustee Bennett were absent and excused.

The Secretary report was waived from last meeting by motion.

The Treasurer report was waived from the last meeting by motion.

The chaplain’s report was given, please keep all of our Brothers and Sisters in your thoughts and prayers.

Birthday draw was held with no winner.

50/50 drawing was held with $39.00 being paid. The monies were donated back to the lodge.

Door prizes given out. Special mention, door prizes purchased by FOPA.

Special thanks to the cooks, Rebecca and the staff for a great dinner.

Vice President Tosdevine closed the meeting at 1925 hours.

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