January 2022

I hope this finds everyone doing well. The lodge held a “social gathering” on January 11, 2022. I had all intentions of a regular meeting, but Hillsborough County is still under a state of emergency.

The dinner was held and there was not a meeting.

The lodge served our normal steak, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. Brother Iverson and Brother Young assisted me in the grilling of the steaks. The weather was great, so no complaints from me.

50/50 was held.

As you may have heard, I retired from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on January 7th after 43 years. I am going to remain active in the lodge and will be providing a point of contact within the office since I no longer have an office email nor mail. I will keep everyone posted on the point of contact.

I can always be contacted at JGCoueyFOP108@aol.com.

Our next meeting will be February 8th.

Be safe, keep everyone in your prayers.


John Couey


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