November/December Social Gatherings

I hope this finds everyone doing well. The lodge held a “social gathering” on October 13th. All social distancing procedures were followed. Rebecca has done a great job on making sure all of the surface areas, common contact areas, and basically the whole lodge is wiped down soon as she arrives at the lodge. Rebecca is definitely making sure your lodge is disinfected.

Everyone that showed up had a great time.. The bar was open for the gathering this month as some of the restrictions were lifted.

I plan on having a “social gathering” for the November and December meeting dates. I plan on following our traditional ham and turkey dinner for November and December. It has been a challenge to make sure the members and guest are being protected to the best of our ability but at the same time, making sure everyone has a great time.

Your Executive Board will remain the same. I have appointed Brother Iverson as Secretary and Brother Paige will remain as Inner Guard and assume the duties of the Chaplains position. Brother Richard Smith (Chaplain) and Brother Tiller (Secretary) have moved and are no longer part of the Executive Board.

I have all intentions of opening the lodge on January 12th for the regular meeting of General membership, door prizes and 50/50. I anticipate the lodge being fully operational by January 2021. We can only hope for the best.

Please be safe and keep everyone in your prayers.


John Couey

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