October 2021

I hope this finds everyone doing well. The lodge held a “Social Gathering” on October 12, 2021.

The dinner was held and there was not a meeting as we are still in “social gathering” mode. We must follow the BOCC rules. The county just extended the order for 7 more day. We are hoping January 2022 will be a go.

Chef Chris did the cooking again, Brother George (Tampa #27) came over and helped us get a great meal out to everyone.

We will continue the “Social Gatherings” until further notice.

Remember to look under the application section. This covers “218” for only $50.00.

Our next “Social Gathering” will be November 9, 2021. The steak dinner will not be served and will be replaced with the tradional ham and turkey dinner. I hope to see you there.

Be safe, keep everyone in your prayers.


John Couey

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