Death of Deputy John Kotfila Jr.


Upon hearing of the tragic accident that claimed the life of Deputy John Kotfilia Jr. The lodge was contacted to provide any assistance that we could. Phone calls were made and we reached out to our members and contacts.
The Florida State Lodge and District 3 lodges activated the disaster relief trailer to provide water at the funeral. The trailer was manned by members from Pasco, Polk, Tampa, Manatee and Pinellas counties. One of our contacts were able to contact OUTBACK and arranged to have 1,000 meals to be served after the funeral. SAMS CLUB was also contacted and provided water. The lodge worked in unison with Colonel J. R Burton to ensure everything was covered.
The Florida State Lodge Chaplain came up from Miami with a F.O.P bible. President Preston, Chaplain Bello and I presented the bible to the Kotfila family. The F.O.P District 3 lodges presented a $1,000.00 check for in line of duty death benefit.
Thanks for everyone’s assistance. The F.O.P did a great job.

John Couey

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